01. OM Regarding Deadline for Procurement Plan Submission
02. Procurement of Goods Through Request for Quotation (RFQ)/Shopping Procedures
03. Procurement Circular
04. C-21 Individual Consultant Timebased
05. C-22 Individual Consultant
06. E-11 International Shopping Goods
07. P-4 Shopping Procedures
08. PAC Format
09. W-1 NCB Work
10. W-2 LS NCB Works Lum-Sum
11. W-5 National Shopping Works Format
12. GL NCB Goods 1E eGP
13. GL NCB Goods 1E Non eGP
14. E5 Shopping Goods 1E eGP
15. Standard Advisory to Agricultural Universities (AUs)/Implementing Agencies (IAs), Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) with Activity Checklist, Procurement Steps flowchart and Important Aspects to be ensured for Goods and Works
16. Virtual Regional Procurement Workshop Calendar (Apr-May 2021)
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