Institutional development for enhancing learning . employability.

To be a globally acknowledged University for state of art in agricultural education by creating an Innovative human resource, Entrepreneurs and Business leaders to meet the next generation challenges.
Establish excellent learning environment, for a sustainable innovation-and- entrepreneurship ecosystem in agriculture through agribusiness incubation, technology commercialization, capacity building and outreach programmes for next generation challenges in agricultural and agri-allied industries for the benefit of various stakeholders.
Integrity and accountability towards farmers, students and society. Attention to issues of student un-employability and entrepreneurship. Scouting, connectivity, creativity and skill development of innovative minds for better employability and self-employment


The Konkan region of Maharashtra is a major landscape of the Western Ghats Biodiversity hotspot. It is distinguished from the rest of the Maharashtra state by virtue of its distinct agro- climatic conditions, soil type, topography, location, crops, cropping pattern, land holdings and socio-economic conditions of the farmers. Being a coastal region, both marine and inland fisheries are important occupations in this region. Agriculture is a mainstay in Konkan for livelihood with major food crops as Rice, Alphonso mango and cashew crops are having large potential to contribute in GDP. The university has excellence in educational field with diversified subjects suited for its landscape as Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Fisheries and Agricultural Engineering.

The educational field has witnessed many profound changes over the past few decades. Traditional educational models have metamorphosing a teacher-centered environment to today’s highly technological mode to students centric mode by making them independent thinkers, explore complex problems, and apply the knowledge to real-life situations. The combination of online activities and traditional classroom instruction has improved the efficiency of student grasping behavior and an enjoyable, flexible learning environment that infuses diversity of learning styles provides a powerful new resource for education in agriculture.

Virtual Reality (VR) has the potential to transform the way we learn and teach, from providing in-depth knowledge and helping us in understanding complex subjects to facilitating immersion technique and virtual trips. VR allows us to make visualization in a 3D reality, enabling us to experience more than ever, and learn in an immersive way. The inclusions in VR are to learn through experience, improve communication skills, enhancing learning and soft skills, For distance learning as experienced in pandemic situations, to bring learning to life and to reduce the cost of education also.

Labor market as a whole and the employer in particular want to receive the competent expert who possesses certain abilities and the qualities relating not only to professional, but also to the social sphere easily to the trainee, and the adoptive employee. Therefore the university has to graduate the students capable to intellectual business, possessing skills of generation of new knowledge and motivated to generation of this knowledge that allows graduates to achieve success in conditions of constantly changing market condition of work. The students have to perceive with the innovative skills of Artificial intelligence, drones, robotics not only having agricultural background but can be applicable to spheres of life in technical and social. The additional skills as been warranted by the labour market are time management, emotional intelligence, CV building, Public speaking, Negotiation skills, Team Building, Networking skills, IKAGI etc. The project aimed at developing all these personality and entrepreneurial skills amongst the agri-graduates to compete in the national and global market with competitive performance and success.

Principal Investigator,Dapoli Krishi vidyapeeth​

Presidential Message

NAHEP-IDP is project entitled for “Institutional Development for Enhancing Learning Outcome, Academic Diversity, Entrepreneurship and Employability” mainly focusing on the university undergraduate students and faculty for development by keeping vision of importing value based education and creating future corporate leaders. we created sate of art facilities for innovative teaching methods and inculcating international practices for all round development of students to culture their future and excel in the global competition. Holistic development is insured by enriching the experience of student’s personality thereby improving their decision making ability and interpersonal skills and ensures 360-degree growth. Our program is designed by keeping in mind the expectations of industry entrepreneur, researcher, society and aims at providing real world scenario. In my capacity as principal investigator I welcome you and I am sure that each individual will get equal opportunity. I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Honorable Vice-Chancellor Dr.S.D.Sawant sir, Dean-Director of Instruction Dr. S.S.Narkhede sir for making me comfortable  and to prepare, present and  grant of the project of all steps of success. 
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